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The 51 is the newest project to enter my fleet (as my wife has started calling it).
My father and law and I have had several conversations about how cool it would be to make an extended cab AD truck, as I'm 6'2" with bad knees and as much as I love these trucks the cabs are a little tight for me. But as we discussed it we determined that the amount of body work required and the quality of bodywork that would be neccesary was way beyond us. Additionally the fact that I'm way to cheap to pay to have one built ment that it wasn't going to happen.
Then one late night while surfing around truck sites I ran accross this ad.

As it said "All the hard work was done"
The cab had been extended 13 inches, the bed shortened 12, it had a 74' Nova front clip and rear end and a 305 V8 and a 350 Tranny out of an 84' Monte Carlo installed.
Out of curiosity I sent the seller an e-mail to see if he had sold it yet and if not if he had any other pictures.
After a few days he responded yes he still had it and sent me about 10 more pictures, giving me a cross section of the buildup proccess of the cab. I thought about it on and off for another month showed what I had to my friend in the truck club, and they all agreed that if the body work on the cab looked as good in person as it did in the pictures then it was a steal. I drafted about 20 more questions to the seller and sent him another e-mail, this time the questions covered how the modifications were made, what he used ect..
A week later the reply came back with all the right answers, he had done everything just as my father and law and I had discussed so many times before

The truck was 6 hours in Iowa
(Independence, Iowa to Independence, Missouri Weird Huh?)
DCP_1139.jpg (8,013 bytes)

On the road back form Iowa

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