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1953 Chevy 1/2 Ton
The Official Mongo's Garage Parts Chaser.

My first AD truck.

Specs when I got her:
Original 216ci Six Cylinder
Three on the Tree Manual Transmission
Original Closed driveshaft Rear end with 4:11 Gears.
Mustang two front suspension with disc brakes.
All stock otherwise.

1958 car 235ci Six Cylinder
3/4 Cam
Split stock exhaust manifold with duals all the way back and flowmasters mufflers.
Offenhauser 3 Carb intake with 3 Carter/Weber 2 barrel carbs (the six pack).

HEI Distributor

S10 T5 Transmission (info here)
Open Drive rear end.


Much more to come, the trucks totally dissasembled right now for a frame up lot's of changes.