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1953 Chevy 2 Ton
The Official Mongo's Garage
Tow & Recovery Truck

           Been looking for a Big Bolt for some time, and all of them so far had been too far for me to consider getting them. So I was excited to find this one about a mile from our farm. It's a 1953 6400 with a 4 speed tranny, 2 speed rear, Steel flatbed that dumps. Just what I was looking for.

Summer 2006 Update

           With the Seventh Annual Midwest All Truck Nationals (of which I'm involved in) coming up I decided that I wanted to try to get the truck off the farm and to the show. It's been a runner since I got it but never a great stopper so I tore into the brakes. Two weekends later I had replaced or rebuilt every brake component on the truck. (Except the rear axle that all looked strangely fine). After removing the grainbox off the flatbed (now a tow/recovery truck not a grain hauler) and a quick runover of the other systems. And a new set of front tires. I loaded up and drove the truck the roughly 120 miles to Independence from our farm. It ran (and stopped) great all the way.

           Next we decided it was time for a coat of preservation paint. And after that some lettering. Next we added sideboards, frontboard to protect the back of the already abused cab and steps built with the help of Maddog from Woodloom the steps will come in handy when using the truck as a stage at various event's we plan on taking it to.

           We got it in shape in time for a quick run to Greaserama and then to my club's cruise night in Blue Springs, MO where we figured we'd test out how well it worked having a band on the back since we planned on using it that way at the truck show.

           Picked up this great winch at the Springfield swap it was made by the Sasgen Derrick Co in Chicago, Il, these guy's are still around making this kind of stuff, I am going to call them and see if I can get any info about it. It's exactely what I was looking for, and has 75 feet of 1/2 inch cable so it should more than handle pulling anything I want up on the bed of the truck. I need to build a crank for it as it didn't come with one. We already used it to pull Robins roadster up on it with a 12 inch cresent and it went up pretty easy.


More to come...