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           Every shop truck needs lettering on the door, so I called up my buddy Cody (Proprietor of the Defience Project) and ask him if he could lay some lettering for me. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted and he recommended getting a mask cut by a sign shop, spray painting it on and then he'd come over and add some accents. I laid the mask out in Illustrator using fonts that were appropriate. Emailed it to the sign shop and it was done a couple day's later.

           Jerry and I laid the mask on (Wow, why did I have to use those cursive fonts??) The drivers side mask took about an hour and a half the passenger side about 45 minutes. We masked the rest of the truck with paper and a tarp and shot the white lettering with a good quality spray paint. Three coats seemed to cover really well. the next day we pulled the mask off and were quite pleased with the result. With 3 coats it's thick enough and being white, it looks and feels like vinal (Weird). Cody came over a couple day's later and outlined the "Mongo's Garage" and added a drop shadow to the phone number, we thought it was just enough to set it off without looking too busy.